Editorial Board

  • Editor: Maggie Ivanova, Flinders University
    Comparative Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
  • Editorial Board:
  • Fay Beauchamp, Community College of Philadelphia
    Humanities and Literary Studies
  • Stacia Bensyl, Missouri Western State University
    Humanities, Literature and Postcolonial Studies
  • James Boyd, Colorado State University
    Philosophy, Zen, Shinto and South Asian Studies
  • Lonny Carlile, University of Hawai’i at Manoa
    Comparative Political Economy, Japanese Politics, East-Asian and Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Sue Ellen Charlton, Colorado State University
    Political Science
  • Paul Dunscomb, University of Alaska Anchorage
    East Asian History, Postwar and Heisei Japan
  • Robert Feleppa, Wichita State University
    Philosophy of Social Science, Metaethics, Comparative Philosophy, Buddhism
  • Arthur (Trey) Fleisher III, Metropolitan State University of Denver
    Athletics/Sports, Economics, Politics/Public Policy
  • C. Van Gessel, Brigham Young University
    Modern Japanese Fiction and Drama, Japanese Christian Writers, Literary Translation
  • Nancy Hume, Community College of Baltimore County
    Humanities and Literary Studies
  • David Jones, Atlanta Center for Asian Studies, Kennesaw State University
    Comparative Philosophy: Daoism, Confuciansim, Japanese, Buddhist, Environmental and Continental
  • Ronnie Littlejohn, Belmont University
    Chinese Philosophy, Confucianism, Daoism, Liezi, Zhaungzi
  • Joseph Overton, Kapiolani Community College, University of Hawai’i System
    Political Science
  • James Peoples, Ohio Wesleyan University
    Cultural Anthropology, Micronesia, Korea, Peoples of Oceania and East Asia
  • William Tsutsui, Hendrix College
    Modern Japanese History and Culture, Popular Culture and Globalisation